With the discovery of an old scroll from one of the hidden rooms deep under the coliseum, three students decide to seek the help of a young dragon to translate the ancient text.
Discovering that the scroll is actually a map to a lost Fairy village, the group decides to go in search of adventures and treasures, just like their parents before them.
The Forbidden Forest is named so for a good reason. The group of youngsters quickly learn that even with a dragon as your travel companion, there is still danger around every corner.
JuneBug and the I-Guard is a series of books written for the young and the young at heart. Book one is From the Brink of Extinction. The expected release date for it is early 2020.

Book two is Fairies and Other Tales and is expected to be released in 2021.
Fairies and Other Tales
Meet: Maddie
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JuneBug and the I-Guard
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