JuneBug and the I-Guard is not just a story about dragons, it is a tale of truth and legend. This story will make you question everything you thought you knew about dragons; and what pushed the legendary creatures to the brink of extinction. It explores an unknown and unlikely relationship between the dragons and a secret group of magical creatures known as the I-Guard.
The main characters are two fourteen year old I-Guard who should be completing their ignitiation training so they may graduate. Instead, they bravely choose to go in search of a fellow classmate who has gone into the Forbidden Forest. Their quest takes them on a journey where they must defend themselves against dangers they never knew existed, and meet new friends they otherwise never would have.
Along the way, they discover a deep dark secret that contradicts everything they have ever known. They suddenly find themselves defending that secret as well as their entire species against a centuries old enemy they never knew they had. Thankfully, they join forces with an unlikely ally who helps them defeat the threat while also bringing the dragons back from the brink of extinction.
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JuneBug and the I-Guard
JuneBug and The I-Guard - From the Brink of Extinction
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