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Although Jasla is a large land, Kayla, Toby and David had never been outside of Kiska, their home colony located in the heart of Jasla.
The entire colony is surrounded by the forest, the much Forbidden Forest. No child is ever allowed to venture into the forest unless accompanied by an adult, and even then, they never went more than a few feet to search for berries or seeds.
With graduation quickly approaching, the second septennial students would soon be moving on in their studies and would be scattered throughout the other colonies around Jasla. None of them knew what to expect. There really was no textbooks to teach them what waited for them inside the forest.
The only information they ever received about the forest was from the occasional Hunter or Explorer that ventured from the other colonies and stopped by overnight before venturing on.
There were rumors of course, but who could believe rumors. I mean, giant humans, monsters that ate curious little I-Guard who refused to obey their parents. What non-sense. It was all just fairy-tales used to make children listen to their parents; or was it? Kayla, Toby and David would soon find out.
Welcome to Jasla
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