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Kayla is just about to reach her second septennial, which is fourteen springfests old. Once she completes her ignitiations training, she will graduate. Her dreams are to be accepted into the Archives Academy in her home colony of Kiska, where her father serves as the Minister of History. Although she is sometimes called a girly girl, she has no problem proving that she is just as tough as all of the boys. She is very smart, extremely friendly, and respects the rules. She would never intentionally break the rules, especially the rule about the Forbidden Forest . . . or would she?
Toby is often called the class clown. He loves to pull pranks on his fellow classmates, has a very inquisitive mind, and sometimes asks questions that no one else will. His passion in life is to become an explorer like everyone else in his family. His goal is to get accepted into the Explorer's Training Program in nearby Dire Hall where the walls are plastered with pictures of his family. He wants nothing more than to be able to prove himself to his family, especially his father, who tends to spend more time on his older brother than on him. However, sometimes the goals we set are not the goals we accomplish.

JuneBug is not only the youngest of her group, she is also the daughter of the King. With the health of her father slowly fading, she is slated to become Queen soon, if the elders feel she is worthy. So when her father sends her on an expedition to find out what the trolls are doing in the forest, she accepts the challenge. What she discovers could change the future of her species forever, that is if she can get the information back to her father before it is too late. Thankfully, she finds help where she least expects.

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